Astronomers Capture First-Ever Birth of a Planet - ExtremeTech

It looks like our theories of planetary formation are right.

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls

Everyone needs to know this.

Tesla Hits Model 3 Production Goal of 5,000 Per Week - ExtremeTech

Tesla has been dealing with the fallout from Autopilot crashes and overly aggressive Musk tweets in recent months, so a bit of positive news will do the company good.

Fallout 76 Also Won't Have Cross-Play and It's Sony's Fault - ExtremeTech

Publishers are finally and straightforwardly laying the blame directly where it ought to be, as opposed to “technical difficulties.”

Niantic Shows Off Improved, Open 'Real World Platform' for AR Games - ExtremeTech

The Real World Platform powers Pokémon Go, but some impressive new capabilities are coming.

IBM’s Project Debater to Set Stage for New Kind of Civil Society - ExtremeTech

By all accounts, the AI’s verbal repertoire wasn’t equivalent to its human counterparts.

Which JD Power Study Should You Trust the Most? - ExtremeTech

Some of the results may not report what you think.

Apple Keyboards Vulnerable to Single Grain of Sand: Analysis - ExtremeTech

A new iFixit teardown into the keyboards explores what went wrong.

Here's Why the Steam Hardware Survey Went Nuts Last Summer - ExtremeTech

At the time, several readers suggested that the problem was related to PUBG, which had just gone live in China. But that's not exactly the case.

Leaked Microsoft Email Describes Dual-Screen 'Andromeda' Device - ExtremeTech

According to yet another leak, we know it’s also supposed to be a pocket-sized device.

Japan's Hayabusa 2 Spacecraft Reaches Asteroid, Prepares to Collect Sample - ExtremeTech

It has spent more than three years alone in the emptiness of space.

SpaceX Launches Previously Flown Falcon 9 and Dragon Capsule - ExtremeTech

The rocket carried, among other things, a floating robot head.

How Do SSDs Work? - ExtremeTech

What's so special about SSDs, anyway?

Who Makes the Most Reliable Hard Drives? - ExtremeTech

There's one clear winner.

It's National Camera Day: Here Are Our Staff's Personal Favorites - ExtremeTech

Our favorite cameras--which are sometimes high-end DSLRs and sometimes our phones.

Soon You Won't Get a Tax Credit for Buying a Tesla or GM EV Anymore - ExtremeTech

The $7,500 rebate on the Chevrolet Bolt EV right now amounts to a 20 percent discount.

Cassini Probe Detected Building Blocks of Life on Saturn's Moon Enceladus - ExtremeTech

There are a few moons in the solar system that could conceivably support life.

The Oculus Rift Will Soon Only Work on Windows 10 PCs - ExtremeTech

Oculus isn’t exactly clear on what this lack of compatibility means for future titles.

New WPA3 Security Standard Introduced for Routers and Devices - ExtremeTech

One of the major features of WPA3 is its resistance to offline dictionary attacks.

AMD is Sending Ryzen, Radeon Care Packages to Developers - ExtremeTech

This kind of partnership has real impacts on game development.

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Pushed Back to 2021 - ExtremeTech

The agency established an Independent Review Board (IRB) to analyze the project and recommend how to proceed.

The 20 Best Free PC Games of 2018 - ExtremeTech

These free games are better than some paid options.

Google's Redesigned Maps App Rolls Out on iOS and Android - ExtremeTech

It has been several years since Google’s last big makeover for Maps.

Charter Extends Gigabit Ethernet to 4 Million More Customers - ExtremeTech

The company is calling it the “Summer of Gig.”

New Details Leak on Security Flaw That Led OpenBSD to Disable Hyper-Threading - ExtremeTech

A full paper is due to be released in August at the Black Hat security conference.

China Attempted to Steal Micron Secrets - ExtremeTech

Chinese companies are collectively under tremendous pressure to deliver on an initiative China calls “Made in China 2025.”

NASA-Backed Project Lays Out the Science of Detecting Alien Life - ExtremeTech

An international team of scientists has laid the groundwork for scanning the skies for life.

Astronomers: Maybe We're Alone in the Universe After All - ExtremeTech

The arguments are a bit suspect though.

The Best Free Games on the PS4 - ExtremeTech

Countless hours of free gaming.

The LG V40 Might Have 5 Cameras - ExtremeTech

Maybe this is too many.

Adobe's New Dual-Stream Neural Network Can Detect Photo Fraud - ExtremeTech

But the team’s system isn’t a general-purpose system for finding all types of manipulation.

2019 Honda Insight Review: A Better-Looking, 50 MPG Civic - ExtremeTech

Honda has a winner in the third-generation Honda Insight compact sedan.

8th-Gen Intel Core i7 CPUs Are Quite a Bit Faster - ExtremeTech

If you’re a gamer, adding more cores doesn’t offer any benefits over and above a full quad-core with HT.

Microsoft, Razer Bring Keyboard and Mouse Support to the Xbox One - ExtremeTech

The question of multiplayer balance and how keyboard and mouse will be deployed in multiplayer matches is genuine.

Micron Announces Mass Production of GDDR6 - ExtremeTech

GDDR6 is expected to have speeds ranging from 10-14Gbps per pin, at 1.25-1.35v.

The $159 Nokia 3.1 Is Headed to the US on July 2 - ExtremeTech

HMD’s Nokia Android phones have gained popularity thanks to their superb build quality, but the Nokia 3.1 will have to make a few sacrifices.

Developer Accidentally Makes Forza Horizon 4 Available for Download 4 Months Early - ExtremeTech

Downloaders have harvested a partial list of cars from the game files.